Choose A sub-Song To Play!

You Have Use Your Channel Points on Octarock channel To Play One Of the Many Sub Add Songs Below. When You ready Type The Number of the song and give octa a moment and then it plays out speakers & a subwoofer. around octa.

Also if Chooses random One of any of these will play.

List Below

(1) バイザウェイダンスThe Bytheway Dance Full ver.

(2) Vaiana___Shiny_Maori___Lyrics_Cc___Piata_Mai_Nei

(3) Todd_Howard_Song_It_Just_Works_BETHESDA_the_Musical_E3_2019

(4) This is what happens when that infernal Attack on Titan theme song gets stuck in my head by Renzu

(5) This Aerobic Video Wins Everything [Original]

(6) THESE HALLOWED WINGS Animal Crossing New Horizons Song!

(7) The_Killers_-_The_Man

(8) The_Cheetah_Girls_-_Amigas_Cheetahs

(9) The_Call_-_Elder_Scrolls_Song_by_Miracle_Of_Sound

(10) The Super Mario Bros Super Show Title Theme

(11) The Magic School Bus Intro

(12) The Driver Savlonic animated music video MrWeebl

(13) Tally Hall – Turn The Lights Off

(14) Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

(15) Take_Me_Home_Country_Roads

(16) TAKE OVER THE WORLD – (Your Favorite Martian music video)

(17) Super_Mario_-_Overworld_Theme_GFM_Trap_Remix

(18) Seton Academy Join the Pack! – Ending Okami Blues

(19) sandroll

(20) Release the Kraken – NSP

(21) REDLINE OST – REDLINE DAY (feat. Rob Laufer)

(22) Primus – The Devil Went Down To Georgia

(23) OK Go – Here It Goes Again

(24) MoonQuest An Epic Journey – Original Song and Animation

(25) Monk Theme Song – It’s A Jungle Out There

(26) Modern-Major_General_Freemans_Mind

(27) Mir Sta’dd’n Etz Die Feier von JBO


(29) Men At Work – Down Under

(30) MAGNUM, P.I. Theme HD

(31) Highly Suspect – Wolf

(32) heyey

(33) H.I.B_-_Hermits_in_Black_

(34) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 1-Again creditless

(35) Friskies_Tux_ad_1996


(37) Evangelion_Opening

(38) Elton John – I’m Still Standing

(39) DragonForce_-Through_The_Fire_And_Flames-_TwitchCon_2019

(40) Doom Crossing Eternal Horizons (feat. Natalia Natchan)

(41) digimon theme song – full version

(42) Diamond Jack

(43) DECADE OF POPThe Megamix (2008-2018)by Adamusic

(44) Co-Optional_Podcast_Theme_Music

(45) Buggles – Video killed the radio star 1979

(46) BORDERLANDS_SONG_-_Breaking_Down_The_Borders_by_Miracle_Of_Sound

(47) Bel-Air vs Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger in Bel-Air-izing

(48) Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

(49) Barenaked Ladies – Odds Are (Official Music Video)

(50) Aladdins_Friend_Like_Me_In_Every_Musical_Style_EVER

(51) 90s

(52) Zelda Medley

(53) Danger Zone

(54) Get Gaben by Rig

(55) STARS_ft_Madison_Beer_GI-DLE_Jaira_Burns___Official_Music_Video_-_League_of_Legends

(56) Chicken_Attack

(57) Theme From The A-Team

(58) The Kitty Cat Dance

(59) The Imperial March

(60) Pokemon Theme

(61) Freaks

(62) Beep Beep I’m A Sheep

(63) [CLEAN] The Kid LAROI – GO (feat. Juice WRLD)

(64) (Toss a Coin to Your Witcher Parody) Toss a Prime to Your Twitcher by MikeTheBard

(65) Doofenshmirtz Karaoke- Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and Dr. Doofenshmirtz 

(67) I like big Bois //animation meme

(68) TFS Hellsing Ready To Die & Party Party Party 

(69) Dinosaurs go RAWR~

(70) Ping!