I welcome to my Website Were you Find More info On My Live Streaming This Been Made In many parts To Make easy For you all and not take up so much space on my twitch panels

I am a Creative Person that Plays video games & Some Will be working on stuff for game Live trove.

Some time on stream I wear Kigurumi also know as onesies its starts as a Jk on twitter if send me onesies are wear on stream I some forget some people see it and go ok and before I knew it Viewers have sent Me a shark. penguin and 3 unicorns!! The first time on stream was worn Parrot onesie My late dad got me 3 months before he passes away in 06 I love story with it he was looking for a pokemon one to get me and the store staff he was at told him this was a pokemon as I had got a pika one as gift from buddy when I was staying at the rental as we wait for our house to be ready to move back in to form a flood in 2015 where I lost all I had. Yes u did hear that in 2015 I lost all I had in flood I still try to make by from that flood and know I never be able to fully replace all I had but you guys watching keep me going each day with dad not been here anymore I look after my mum and she looks after me we both keep each other go each day streaming is my way of keeping my self going and I get so much joy out it an get to talk to you all as I cart work and this all I can do is streaming Why cart work well.

I am a  Disabled Streamer I have mental and physical disabilities That Effect my life every day from the way I act to the way I see the world in my own way You can see how someday I call good days and other bad days. I stream every day so you will see both sides of the coin.

about my Disabilities

What are my Disabilities

well my mental disabilities are Asperger syndrome & Dyslexia You will see On stream I will re say stuff I all ready talk about and not know I all ready told u about also sometimes I say what’s on my mind and will talk out loud I do not get most stuff so try to remember not to type out a ton of words in chat as most the time i will have no clue what you are talking about and it takes a bit for me to work it out ( types this all out took many weeks for me to get right and make sound right )

My Physical is Marfan Syndrome But with Marfan Syndrome, I do not have the major heart thing that comes with but do have all the other stuff someday My feet hurt at a lot Partly with Marfan & with when I was younger I had Major orthopedic Surgery on both of my feet so I could walk.

When I was Born My feet were missing key bones so the took a bit from my hip and add it to my feet with big screws both feet had this done 2x over many years of my childhood. some days my feet will shake well mostly my right at random without my control as a side effect of it as I been told.

About My Stream Mascot, the ice cream girl know as octarock

Also many ask if I am a girl no I am not.

The reason I have a girl avatar I dear mate of my dare me to RP her RP MC server call Lords Of Mine craft.

By RP This Ice Cream Girl It well it helps me step out my comfort zone an I would not meet so many epic people still call my friends and gave me the confidence get back into YouTube & Streaming

Also, my buddy that got me into RPing her well saddle pass away in 2018 so to remember him and how he change my life for best I use the Ice Cream Girl as my Glass Blowing Studio Mascot An-My Online Avatar to all ways remember him. I will miss you so much man thanks. <3

Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy my stream. Love you all Hugs (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

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