I welcome to my Website Were you Find More info On My Live Streaming This Been Made In many parts To Make easy For you all and not take up so much space on my twitch panels

I am a Glass Artist and a gamer with Asperger syndrome & Dyslexia. Come sit down and enjoy a fun time of randomness and sometimes singing as I play games on my own or with mates.

Also many ask if I am a girl no I am not.

The reason I have a girl avatar I dear mate of my dare me to RP her RP MC server call Lords Of Mine craft.

By RP This Ice Cream Girl It well it helps me step out my comfort zone an I would not meet so many epic people still call my friends and gave me the confidence get back into YouTube & Streaming

Also, my buddy that got me into RPing her well saddle pass away in 2018 so to remember him and how he change my life for best I use the Ice Cream Girl as my Glass Blowing Studio Mascot An-My Online Avatar to all ways remember him. I will miss you so much man thanks. <3

Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy my stream. Love you all Hugs (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

Click On the tabs above for more Info see on stream soon.