Twitch Stream Comands

Night bot emots

!facepalm NotLikeThis

Kappamon Pet Penguin

!partyYHAHOOOO!!!!!Dance (mods)
!begoodthis is your only warningAttack (mods)
!eatYumEat (mods)
!sleepgood night all Waddle onSleep (mods)
!discordCome Join Us For Fun On The IceEat
!ignMy Buddy Name Is OctarockDance

Night Bot Links

!cow Music Play On Stream Made By Francis Mailloux (salted the cow )
!coin You Are In win a Pro Code Or $10 Coin Pack Code thanks to PlayfulStudios
!uptimeStream uptime: $(twitch octarock “{{uptimeLength}}”)
!zero Get subnautica below zero on steam and website
!paw Get the Game Here its lots of fun Devs Stream but remember to come back to me or check out The Website For more info
!so Go check out $(touser) at$(touser) (mods)